Every Family Has a History

Welcome to the Sells’ Family History Website! When you think about your family history, can you trace it back to where it all began? For many families, their history has been lost as documents and information have been misplaced, forgotten, or destroyed. The Sells’ Family History Website preserves the legacy of the Sells family by immortalizing our history for future generations in one digital place.

Under the “Family Tree” link, you can trace the Sells family lineage through fascinating information on our ancestral families dating back to the 1700s. Browse detailed family journals for Ruben Guy Wilson, Samuel Wilkinson Sr., John Williamson Shiver Sr., and  Augustine Prestwood, or dive right into their descendants to find where your individual branch begins. When you’re done, click through the gallery of precious family photos and documents dating all the way to the 1930s!

Every family has a history. This is ours.